The living legend that is Leonard Cohen is paying a visit to Los Angeles April 10th at the Nokia theatre. Tickets for the show go on sale Monday, March 9th at 10am, but you can win a pair here on Aquarium Drunkard before that. We have two pairs of tickets for AD readers; to win a pair, leave your name, email address and the first Cohen song or album you remember hearing in the comments below. I’m pretty sure mine was Everybody Knows” off the soundtrack to the 1990 teenage rebel flick Pump Up The Volume. Winners will be notified via email.

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94 Responses to “Leonard Cohen :: Los Angeles, April 10 – Tickets”

  1. Kevin Stetz
    “Famous Blue Raincoat”

  2. Josh Kanipe



  3. Definitely ‘Waiting For The Miracle” in Natural Born Killers. So at least that movie was good fro something.

  4. probably “everybody knows,” but from the Exotica soundtrack.

  5. lover lover lover blindslug AT gmail DOT com

  6. Mine was also definitely “Everybody Knows” from Pump Up the Volume. Great soundtrack.

  7. dan
    halleluah . . . after jeff buckley’s grace came out and learning it wasnt his song.

  8. “The Stranger Song”

    Heard it during Robert Altman’s fantastic film McCabe & Mrs. Miller…been in love ever since with Cohen’s sound.

  9. ‘Waiting For The Miracle” in Natural Born Killers. Most definitely,

  10. The Future

  11. I too was a “Pump Up the Vloume” kid. Though the Concrete Blonde cover at the end of the movie is pretty fucking triumphant, I will always remember the Cohen original, creeping through the opening.

  12. Suzanne

  13. tim

    the first song i remember hearing of his was “So Long, Marianne.” That’s my mom’s name and she always loved that song and I would hear it all the time as a little child.

  14. Yeah, Everybody Knows and It Be Your Will from Pump Up the Volume. I remembering dubbing the video and watching the movie just to hear the songs Hard Harry played.
    I strongly recommened anyone and everyone in the US get along to one of his shows on this tour. I saw him here in Wellington, NZ, in late Jan and it was absolutely mint. Just shy of 3 hours, most of the classics, and Leonard looked and sounded supercool.

  15. hallelujah, from grace then getting the live songs album when i found out he wrote hallelujah

  16. “hey, that’s no way to say goodbye” the night my parents split up, my dad put it on the record player.

  17. Yes! Pump Up the Volume was my first exposure to Leonard Cohen – “If It Be Your Will” also plays during that movie. I remember freezing the videotape so I could figure out who sang the versions in the movie, since they weren’t on the soundtrack. And then I saw Leonard in 1993 at the State Theater in Minneapolis. Bliss.

  18. “Everybody Knows” from “Pump Up the Volume.” When I heard it, I didn’t know who Leonard Cohen was, but something about the song stuck with me — just from hearing it playing behind Christian Slater — and, years later, I heard more and read more and realized exactly why the song stuck with me immediately.

  19. Tim Kinsella


    Famous Blue Raincoat

  20. For me it was my dad’s Songs From A Room vinyl – and The Partisan is the track the made me love his poetry, use of melody and the simplicity of his song structure. This show at the Nokia is going to be amazing! Tickets, please?


  21. stole my mom’s records when I was fourteen and “Suzanne,” among others, got in and never got out.

    “and just when you mean to tell her that you have no love to give her, she gets you on her wavelength, and she lets the river answer that you’ve always been her lover”

    I still don’t think she’s noticed they’re missing.

  22. Bryan Albert
    “The Stranger Song”

  23. Dance Me to the End of Love from Various Positions.

    Various Pos, I’m Your Man, and The Future are classics. And oh so relevant even today.

    Love his 80’s and 90’s work. Recently picked up a couple newer CDs on a whim, but haven’t had time to listen.

    I’m your fan, Leonard!

  24. i remember lying on my back in the living room with my mother’s oversized headphones resting lopsided on my small head, my legs kicked up, placing the weight of my world on the side of the record player as Hallelujah danced rhythms into my soul, offering solace and a world removed from, yet intertwined in my own.

  25. Famous Blue Raincoat and Bird on a Wire – such masterpieces. Cohen’s 1971 Songs of Love and Hate has to be one of the top 100 albums of all time (time for me to revisit it).

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  27. Closing Time…at about 12 or 13 years old, seeing the video on Muchmusic

  28. “So Long, Marianne”

  29. Famous Blue Rain Coat – My (now) husband introduced me to it and to him.

  30. Suzanne

  31. “Store Room”

    The Dead are at the top of the pyramid, but man Leonard’s up there!! This song still gets me going every time!

  32. “so long marianne” was playing on a mix my brother had made for a cross country roadtrip that he and i took. i was 17, driving over the sierra nevada on the way to san francisco, and it was just perfect. hooked ever since.

  33. Famous Blue Raincoat!!!!!!!! Made me move to NY to hear the music.

  34. man. late to the party on this one.

    i believe the first time i heard leonard was ‘waiting for the miracle’ from the nbk soundtrack. and i take exception to the above snide remark- the film is right up there with stone’s best works.

    would LOVE to go to this show. haven’t been to nokia yet.

  35. i’m your man

  36. Jazz Police!

  37. “Suzanne”, I was in high school and it was one of the first albums I ever purchased. Saw Leonard during the “I’m Your Man” tour at the Wiltern. Amazing.

  38. Kyle Evans
    kyle.s.evans [[AT]] gmail.com


    My uncle used to pay it all the time when he was lamenting about the guy Ralph that he was in love with in NY, but also he hated. It was a weird time, because I knew he was gay, but also had HIV (still does) so I didn’t get the whole thing of how he could have relations… Either way, he loves NYC and I don’t know if Ralph is still alive.

    But that’s kind of what Leonard Cohen means to me – nebulously dark but real with furious emotion desperately intermingling with a rational mind.

  40. Definitely ‘Suzanne’.

  41. Avalanche

    Nick Cave covers it, and as much as I worship the guy, nobody will ever be quite as eloquently sinister as Leonard Cohen.

  42. “It be Your Will,” cuz it makes me want to slit my wrists…but only in the good way, of course.

  43. I’d gotten into his writing before I did his music. I remember this specific scene in “Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Leonard Cohen,” written/directed by Donald Brittain in 1965, where Cohen was with a group of hipsters at some cocktail party. He was drunk and/or incredibly high and wailing out this ridiculous song, which he never released. I suppose that would be the song.


  44. “Closing Time”

    I swear it happened just like this: a sigh, a cry, a hungry kiss the Gates of Love they budged an inch I can’t say much has happened since closing time

  45. Pump Up The Volume (which, sadly, really doesn’t hold up 15 years later) and EVERYBODY KNOWS…hate to be so derivative.

  46. So Long, Marianne – I was lucky to be the youngest of 6 kids and turned on to music I wouldn’t have heard so young, so the always reminds me of church as a kid. The backup singers in the chorus sounded like the ‘folk band’ they had play at mass. I think I even thought it was a religious song back then with ‘crucifix’ and ‘angels’ and ‘washing eyelids’.

  47. “Suzanne”

  48. not gonna lie, i came late to the game and via a cover, Hallelujah.

  49. avalanche, for sure

  50. “If it be Your Will” was my first song that I heard, which by the way Antony, from Antony and the Johnsons, really does a fantastic cover. Check out the youtube video titled “Antony singing If It Be Your Will”

  51. “Chelsea Hotel No. 2” – In the early ’90s, when I was in high school, I used to stay up late on Sunday nights listening to legendary NYC DJ Vin Scelsa’s “Idiot’s Delight” program. Every week I’d be exposed to great songwriters old and new, and as a result I developed unquenchable desires to both hear and to write as many songs as possible. Hearing “Chelsea Hotel No. 2” for the first time was a flashpoint in this. So simple, so personal, just a (very eloquent) dude singing out his memories. Amazing.

  52. Ha! Mine was ‘Everybody Knows’ from Pump Up the Volume as well :) I think I didn’t really sink my teeth into him until his songs were featured so prominantly on Exotica, however…

  53. “Tonight Will Be Fine”

  54. SOoo Long Marriannnne, It’s Time We Began To Laugh and Cry and Laugh And….

  55. The first song that I fell in love with was “Everybody Knows,” but I will never forget when an old French professor in college told me he knew him as a successful poet and didn’t know that he was a musician. I hadn’t known that he was a writer, but I wasn’t surprised.

  56. “the partisan” in a cafe in san francisco while on vacation with my family. i was probably twelve or thirteen. i didn’t know it was cohen at the time, but i always remembered the women singing in french at the end.

  57. He had me at ‘Joan of Arc’

    like scotch for a for a twelve year old

  58. Suzanne, three versions: Judy Collins. Noel Harrison, Harry Belafonte. Then Choen’s own, later.


  59. I obviously can’t win, but wanted to share – my first exposure was through an older girl I had a horrendous crush on my senior year of high school. We hung out one night taking turns playing guitar and she served me up a version of “Famous Blue Raincoat.” For years all I could remember was the last line of the song, “Sincerely, L. Cohen.” And it took me almost ten years to find someone who knew the song (why I never bothered to look it up myself, don’t ask) and then it all made sense.

  60. Michael


    first heard “Lover Lover Lover.” and damn, what a track.

  61. the cover of first we take manhatten by rem led me to i’m your fan and that tribute led me to leonards own work

  62. “I’m your man” and damned my girlfriends love it!

  63. “hallelujah” upon hearing jeff buckley’s cover.

  64. Suzanne.

  65. Suzanne

  66. ” I am standing on a wishing well that all men call the world” from Stories of the Street.
    In 1980 LC arrived in the nick of time for the drowning 15 year old I once was, I have kept him near and dear ever since. My husband jokes I’ll leave him for Leonard someday, although everybody knows unrequited love is surely the sweetest.
    I found a 1960’s LC song book and Bird on the Wire is amazing on accordion.
    Thanks LC, for teaching us to live and love lavishly.

  67. my mistake sorry!
    “I balance on a wishing well that all men call the world”

  68. Tower Of Song

  69. Definitely “The Stranger Song” from McCabe and Mrs. Miller. I saw it at the Castro Theater in SF around 1990, and the film and the music made long lasting impressions in a grand setting. It was a great introduction to a long love.

  70. The First Song I Remember hearing was hallelujah at 18. after that i went out and bought various positions. i love that album

  71. Avalance. johngastonii@gmail.com

  72. “hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye” performed by Roberta Flack, off of one of my dad’s favorite records, “First Take,” probably about 1973. Still one of the great moments in my experience of recorded music.

  73. My friend wrote out the words to Take This Longing many years ago, after reading the lyrics I had to hear it. Oof. Been going back to his poetry for some sustenance ever since.

  74. “Suzanne”

  75. I think it was “Dance me to the end of love”… I find myself returning to his music and poetry over and over. This is going to be a great show.

  76. I’m Your Man. Third on a great mix, made for me by a woman. Yes!

  77. waiting for a miracle…from natural born killers.

  78. the miracle that is.

  79. Suzanne (but… I came to it from Nina Simone’s version… I still debate which one I love more… Usually it’s the one that happens to be playing at the time)

    I am sooooooo excited for the show! I thought I was going to have to pay $120 and drive all the way to Coachella, so glad to see him in a better environment.

  80. My mom used to play Suzanne for me all the time as a little girl =)

    Definitely still my favorite Leonard Cohen song. I think I really got back into Cohen when my dad gave me some Buckley albums and I found out that Hallelujah wasn’t originally by him.

  81. Mine is “Suzanne”

  82. Don’t remember the first, but the one that makes me want to dust off the old razor blades…Hey That’s No Way To Say Goodbye

  83. Famous Blue Raincoat

  84. Suzanne.

  85. “Bird On A Wire”

  86. Bird on a Wire. Moved me instantly. Purchased album the same day.

  87. Suzanne, Sisters of Mercy, and Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye … all pretty much simultaneously …. but first must have been ‘Suzanne’ and probably first through Judy Collins’ cover, and probably in 1967 … and then the other two songs also first via Judy the next year but all fused in memory with Leonard’s own versions of them. I can recall by late 1968 that the line “your hair upon the pillow like a sleepy golden storm” was already embedded in my early senses of myself as a woman in love. For all the years and all the soul-stirring songs, and how much I loved how his voice had evolved by the time of The Future in 1990 (the one CD of his where I have to say nobody’s cover has ever exceeded his original versions), I have to put “Anthem” – and the cover by Batalla and Christensen in/on “I’m Your Man” DVD/CD in particular – at the top of the list as the most repeatedly emotion-rousing for me of them all, and that’s saying more than a lot (“Everybody Knows,” esp. in Rufus’s voice, and “Hallelujah” in Buckley’s being but a tip of the iceberg of all the richness out there that it is edging out to take first place in my heart.) His poetry, his fiction, his lyrics. He is our man.

  88. Christina Hunter
    “Bird on a Wire”

  89. Closing time…future CD

  90. I’m Your Man

  91. i was in high school, and i found out that the jeff buckley song was a cover. i remember downloading the original hallelujah and thinking…what the fuck? this sucks! ah…youth.

  92. it occurs to me that i heard sisters of mercy and that”s no way to say goodbye …..chelsea hotelnyc…..saw the show at the beacon in nyc…awesome….

  93. […] Aquarium Drunkard […]

  94. i fell in love with leonard at first hearing suzanne when i was in college–thought he was too old for me in 1970 but loved him anyway

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