Truth be told, I haven’t been on a real Fela kick for several years now, but I think that is about to change…it is summertime after all.  Friday evening a friend, rifling through cds in his car, introduced me to the Koola Lobitos 1969 Los Angeles Sessions which, apparently, were semi-rare; as in out-of-print. Though, admittedly, ‘rare’ in the age of bit-torrent is a fairly dubious claim.  But I’ve owned my share of Fela albums and bootlegs over the years and this one was new to me.  The tracks culled from these session are in a word, tight.  Whereas a lot of Kuti’s work can meander, the arrangements here are economical without losing an ounce of their energy.  Check out the two tracks below while I go find my copy of Expensive Shit.

MP3: Fela Kuti :: Lover
MP3: Fela Kuti :: My Lady Frustration
Amazon: Fela Kuti – Koola Lobitos 1964-1968/The ’69 Los Angeles Sessions

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11 Responses to “Fela Kuti :: Koola Lobitos ’69 Los Angeles Sessions”

  1. “My Lady Frustration” is definitely one of my favorite Fela tracks. Good call there.

  2. Thanks for these. Last Fela kick I was on was thanks to a post from that guy ^^^ a year or two back. So right about the season, though–gave him a spin during a BBQ last week. Perfecto.

  3. you are so on top of it!

  4. this is great. shuffering and shmiling on repeat here.

  5. Nice post! I love this album!

  6. what album should i start with fela?

  7. “what album should i start with fela?”

    Live! with the Africa 70 and Ginger Baker is insanely delicious. Just raw power and funky, jamming goodness throughout.

    For studio recordings, I’m particularly partial to Shuffering & Shmiling and Expensive Shit, although you should probably just jump in and see what you like. The earlier material is more focused and mainstream sounding, but still undoubtedly Fela. Almost anything he did in the 70s is a safe play, imo…and there’s a lot of it!


  8. I’d also recommend for those new to Fela “JJD”, a live album “coming to you direct from the Kalakuta Republic”. It was my first album of his, great intorduction.
    Also, loads of the old Koola Lobitos records are collected on a fantastic album “Lagos Baby: 1963-1969”, includes a live mini album of the band playing at the Afro Spot.

  9. How fucking cool is that dude. If I ever looked half that awesome in a photo I would bronze myself into a statue.

  10. coolest thing about this ‘sesh’ is these bros just got ratted out to Immigration by an LA promoter they were in an argument with, and were about to be sent back to Nigeria, but instead of freaking out they pooled together some cash and went to the studio.

    also check out Open & Close (1971).

  11. Anyone feel the road from Chet Kincaid & Quincy Jones to Fela Kuti?

    Did I write that out loud?

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