Kristofferson fans: I have a deluxe vinyl, first pressing of the double-LP release, Please Don’t Tell Me How The Story Ends: The Publishing Demos 1968-72, plus an autographed photo for an AD reader. Hand numbered and limited to only 2,000 copies. Double 180-gram vinyl, housed in an “old school” tip-on gatefold LP jacket. Enter below in the comments. Winner chosen at random this Friday.

Previously: Kris Kristofferson :: The AD Interview

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207 Responses to “Kris Kristofferson :: The Publishing Demos 1968-72 (Vinyl)”

  1. Entry for the Kristofferson giveaway.

  2. Crossing my fingers…

  3. Kristofferson an under-rated legend!

  4. Kris Kristofferson demo giveaway

  5. Yes please. And while I’m here, let me mention what a great performance Kristofferson gave as a human drum stand on “Lay Lady Lay.”

  6. Another entry for the Kristofferson giveaway.

  7. I’ve got to enter, but I also suspect that should I win I’ll have to give the prize to Andy Weissman.

  8. Would be so nice!

  9. As a songwriter myself, you know I wanna win!

  10. Entry for giveaway

  11. Enter me!

  12. Just bought the hand numbered Summer Darling LP (25/500 fanboys) and this would look pret-ty nice right next to it.

  13. Kris Kristofferson makes me feel warm & fuzzy inside.

  14. Here’s my entry!

    Saw Kris at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga last month with Merle Haggard. Was an amazing show! Some overzealous female fans kept shouting out various requests, and he played them all. A classy, talented guy!

  15. Yessir, giveaway please

  16. gimme!

  17. So awesome.

  18. Here’s my entry! Hope I win!

  19. Entry!

  20. Enter me please! :)

  21. In it to win it.

  22. Entry please !

  23. This would be awesome. Enter me please.

  24. Enter please

  25. kristov me

  26. Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.

  27. Pick me!

  28. I’d love to shake my old nickname…”No Luck Chuck”. Help me please and enter me in the KK contest. I’d love to hear these demos. Thanks!

  29. I’m in.

  30. In the best of all possible worlds, my name will be drawn at random.

  31. I want to win…I want to be randomly chosen! It’s the only game in town.

  32. This sounds lovely, I’d like to submit an entry for the giveaway.

  33. IN

  34. sign me up

  35. all i need is this and for a criterion version of “CONVOY” to be released to REALLY complete my Kristofferson collection!

  36. This will be a nice start to the weekend. No whammies . . .

  37. I love my record player, it would love to play this album

  38. Throwing in my hat for the Kristofferson giveaway …

  39. Holy shit.

  40. Please put my name in the hat. Thanks.

  41. That kindly jailer grinned at me, all eaten up with sympathy
    Then poured himself another beer and came and whispered in my ear,
    “If booze was just a dime a bottle boy, you couldn’t even buy the smell”

  42. Entry! Light in the Attic is rad.

  43. Woot!

  44. I can’t say I beat the devil….but I drank his beer for nothin’…..and then I entered this contest.

  45. need this

  46. Big bucks! Big bucks! No Whammies! Stop!

  47. Entry, please and thank you.

  48. Count me in. ::Fingers Crossed::

  49. I love Kris Kristofferson so much, my phone just suggested his name to me as I typed.

  50. wishin’ & hopin’ …. watching Lone Star with fingers crossed … count me in for the drawing!

  51. In it!!

  52. Like Flint

  53. I’m so down…

  54. one luv, one ring.

  55. Oh man, sweet.

  56. Mos’ def. Entered!

  57. I’d love to get this pressing.

    Thanks for all the great work. Keep it up.

  58. I would cry, but I can’t spare the moisture…

  59. Please enter me!

  60. Lost an eBay auction today so maybe my karma is good.

  61. Grew up listening to Kristofferson on road trips.

  62. Worth a shot…


  64. This would help me make it through the night.

  65. Lonmg ago when I was young (born in 1951) I went away to college in the fall of 1969. I joined the radio statio at school and learned the value of promotional record castaways; that one man’s meat was another’s poison. It was there I picked up my first Kris Kristofferson 45s of Me and Bobby McGee and Help Me Make It Through the Night on Monument Records. I ended giving them away to musician friends who hadn’t heard anything by him, though they already heard his name. It’s always been like that for me. Maybe it always will be. I’m always sharing what I have musically with others.

  66. KKContest.

  67. Oh, to live the life of Mr. Kristofferson. I cannot even imagine.

  68. Count me in!

  69. Ooooh, pick me! Pick me! Much love to the man, the legend, AD, and all of you!

  70. I’m in.

  71. alright, alright. love kk.

  72. Consider me entered. Thanks!

  73. Please oh please!

  74. Yes. I’ve entered.

  75. include me please…

  76. “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.” I want to win!

  77. Pick me! Pick me!

  78. Would love this.

  79. Have heard this but would really love to have on vinyl! Regular reader of your great music insights! Thanks for your website!

  80. I will listen to this a whole bunch if I win. Love the site, as well.

  81. well the old man was a stranger, but I’d heard his song before

  82. I love Kris

  83. Bam!

  84. Entry . . . for the win

  85. Win Me! Win Me! Win Me!
    My turntable needs to be fed fresh tunes!

  86. entry. #86. man i never win anything.

  87. Entry!

  88. Enter me por favor…..

  89. Sign me up, would love to here ‘stoff coming through the turntable

  90. Will we be seeing Cisco Pike’s publishing demos at some point in the future?

  91. I’ll throw my hat into the proverbial ring.

  92. I’m entering! I wanttt this. Hook me up!

  93. Entering. Thanks!

  94. thanks.

  95. I’m in. Thanks.

  96. I pray sweet prayers!

  97. I beg entry to this drawing.

  98. IN!

  99. I would absolutely LOVE this, autographed photo too!? Awesome.

  100. Hope I win it cuz I’m busted flat.

  101. entered.

  102. great contest. im in

  103. Oh yeah!

  104. Dre and me use to bump Kristofferson on my system when trying to come up with rhymes back in da day. Inspiration fo sure.

  105. !!!!!!!

  106. Crossing fingers, toes and eyes…

  107. Enter me in the contest, please! I love Kristofferson’s writing, from “Sunday Morning Coming Down” to his latest record.

  108. Kristofferson!!!!

  109. Yes, please. I’d like that very much.

  110. Count me in (out).

  111. Yes please.

  112. Yes, please. Count me in for anything involving Kristofferson. The interview was outstanding.

  113. I’d love this!

  114. Yessir, I’d like that.

  115. Kristofferson is just awesome

  116. Can’t say I didn’t warn ya. Cheers, Drunkard. I’d like to hear this.

  117. Also…entry

  118. Yes, Please!

  119. And Kris is a great actor too. Heaven’s gate, Michael Cimino’s movie is one of my favourite ever…

  120. om nomm nommm

  121. Testing

  122. Enter me please!

  123. Enter

  124. mm hmm. a little kris would be nice.

  125. Huge kk fan from hearing my dad recite his life story and play his songs on guitar for me as a child of the 70’s

  126. Fingers crossed.


  127. Enter please

  128. yes, please, please, please.

  129. this one’s for cisco pike!

  130. Enter me please! Thanks. You and HRO best two broadcasts on XM.

  131. One of my faves; thanks for the opportunity.

  132. Ooooh, ooooh!

  133. Would be so awesomely awesome.

  134. An entry for the record!

  135. We take our own chances, we pay our own dues…

  136. Am I too late? If not, consider my hat thrown in the ring. Thanks!

  137. i would love to listen to this album on a weekend in my basement.

  138. Enter me! And if I don’t win the vinyl, can I have the jacket Kris is wearing in the photo? Looks tough.

  139. Kudos on the new look site.

  140. Please pick me…KK is the ultimate badass.

  141. yes please

  142. Worth a shot, I guess.

  143. trying my luck; enter me please

  144. Got his first pre-lp 45s on Monument when I went away to school in fall of 1969. Gave the 45s away to other musicians and kept the first LP when it, too went into the giveaway pile at my radio station. What did they know? I knew then he was something…plus he had Zally from the Spoonful playing guitar with him on tour that year!
    Enter me please!

  145. BOOM!

  146. yes, please.

  147. A legend. –>”but I drank his beer for nothing.
    Then I stole his song.<– Ain't that kool!

  148. What an amazing project this is! A true testament to the passion of some of these small record labels!

    One of my favorite Kristofferson songs is a smoldering track that Carly Simon recorded called “I’ve Got to Have You” from Anticipation. I would love to hear Kristofferson’s demo for that one!

  149. would love to be entered in the contest…

    thank you.

  150. lucky 150

  151. Entry

  152. Entry!!! Fingers & toes crossed… big ups aquarium.

  153. Kris Kristofferson is my barometer for how I judge all singer / songwriters, the original “Hardcore Troubador”! It would be a blessing to have this LP on my turntable.

  154. Yes prease.

  155. I have had a crush on Kris Kristofferson since 1978 when I saw Convoy at a very young age. (You’d think I’d have that girl-hate for Ali McGraw, but I sort of have a crush on her too!). For carrying the torch for all of these years, I deserve the big PRIZE! I will solute you, Aquarium Drunkard, by drinking copious amounts of wine while listening the dulcet tones of KK on my turntable, with the lights turned low….If you pick me!!!

  156. Entered. Thanks.

  157. Entry

  158. If I had a helicopter I would land it on your lawn for this! By the way. thanks for the best music blog in the blogging world by my count. Cheers.

  159. Also a scene-stealer in Big Top Pee Wee

  160. Entry with both fingers crossed!

  161. Wow – great giveaway.

    What a legend.

  162. holy smokes, that’s a couple slabs of awesome. the sheer number of replies is a testament to the good taste of you and your readers.

  163. I’d like to enter, please!

  164. Please enter me please…

  165. My Favorite

  166. I would love a copy of this….

  167. Oh man. This guy is a personal hero. Would love to have this.

  168. sign me up!

  169. Entry for the Contest

  170. Toby Keith #1 Haters Club

  171. I would love that vinyl.

  172. Man, this would be beautiful. Kristofferson is a real hero of mine.

  173. Please pick me!!!! Mostly because I’m broke!!! Thanks

  174. KK for me

  175. Holy cow! I’m in!

  176. would love it

  177. Entered

  178. I hope I’m not too late to enter — I work nights. He’s teh best songwriter ever!

  179. Shuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukcs, I’m too late, aren’t I? My KK friend who turned me on to AD would KILL me if I didn’t enter this!

  180. UM, PLEASE!

  181. Well if I’m too late then I guess I’m too late, but if I’m early then I surely would like to get my hands on this…

  182. I’m in

  183. Jesus was a Capricorn. Kristofferson is a Cancer. the Larcenist is a Leo.

  184. just caught him at Willie’s 4th of July picnic. Revelatory.

  185. I’m in, if I’m not too late.

  186. How cool. Thanks for the contest.

  187. Count me in.

  188. Holy crap yes! I can’t believe how awesome this is!

  189. Thanks for doing this! I’m in…

  190. I’m feeling lucky…maybe

  191. Would love to at least hear this, if not win it!

  192. Shocked there wasn’t more interest in this.

  193. Love Kristofferson, love your blog! Thanks, Ro

  194. si por favor!

  195. me please!

  196. Oui! Oui! Let it be me!

  197. Yeah, but can he dispatch vampires?

  198. If you don’t like Hank Williams honey, you can kiss my ass.

  199. Would love to have some Kristofferson in vinyl…

  200. lucky number 200?

  201. Saw him at a folk festival a couple years ago. Made me weep. So great.

  202. The best.

  203. Kris is a great american, his background is amazing…great contest from one of the best blogs on the web…

  204. By this Friday I hope you mean August 6thhhhhh – entered

  205. Woo-Hoo Mr K is always a class act and a worth a good listen.

  206. Would love to own this!

  207. Sweet

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