Final artist lineup for our day party. Our (unofficial) fiesta is happening Thursday March 15th at Hype Hotel – 504 Trinity Street. Free booze. RSVP details below. Artist lineup, below. See you in Texas.


Nick Waterhouse & the Tarots – 1:00
Lee Fields and The Expressions  – 2:00
Bass Drum of Death – 3:00
Youth Lagoon – 3:45
The Orwells – 4:15
Futurebirds – 5:00
Alabama Shakes – 6:00
Bleached  – 6:45
Father John Misty – 7:30


Lineup: Lee Fields & The Expressions ++ Bleached  ++ Alabama Shakes ++  Youth Lagoon ++ Bass Drum of Death ++ Nick Waterhouse & the Tarots ++ Father John Misty ++ Futurebirds ++ The Orwells.

67 Responses to “Aquarium Drunkard: SXSW Day Party – March 15th (Final Artist Lineup)”

  1. Can I come?

  2. insane fucking lineup. damn.

  3. Sick line up. Can you make sure that lee fields doesn’t play at exchange la? That place is garbagio. Keep doin it

  4. I know where im at thursday now.

  5. Amazing lineup – wouldn’t expect anything less from Justin and the AD crew. Best lineup I’ve seen so far and plan on camping out there all day.

  6. this knocks out three of the bands on my overall sx list.

  7. Lee Fields is there? At SXSW??

  8. Free booze. Bless you aquariumdrunkard.

  9. How do I RSVP?

  10. Oops, nevermind, just saw it was forthcoming. Cant wait!

  11. Terrific lineup. Sooo there. Hype Hotel’s gonna be hoppin.’ I gather that The Twilight Sad, Shearwater, and Blitzen Trapper will be there on the 14th.

  12. i’m there.

  13. […] Youth Lagoon is set to play at SXSW. They will perform at the Aquarium Drunkard Day Party on Thursday, March 15 at the Hype Hotel. For more information and line-up, go HERE. […]

  14. It’s cold here…dreaming of tacos and lone star. This lineup is tight.

  15. Is the party 21+ or all ages?

  16. Lee Fields AND free beer…. SOLD! Looking forward to the party.

  17. I want to attend. Me +1

  18. I like Free Booze! Their last record was great.

  19. Great line up. Check out these guys while you’re at it.

    Cities Can Wait by The Demigs

  20. +1

  21. yay!

  22. :)

  23. Any word on the RSVP?

  24. Is this my RSVP?? If so, +1, please. Thanks!

  25. Insane line up! Pls RSVP for 2, is this is how.

  26. yes please…. +1

  27. RSVP for uno

  28. RSVP +2

    fully knowing that trying to rsvp like this is useless and makes me look foolish, but hey, that lineup is amazing and worth it.

  29. RSVP + 1


  30. RSVP +2


  31. RSVP + 2. Need to go

  32. RSVP +2

  33. I look forward to listening to lots of great music…and getting my drink on!

  34. RSVP +2 …please and thank you

  35. RSVP+4

  36. rsvp +1

  37. +1

  38. RSVP +2

  39. RSVP +1 please!

  40. RSVP +1

  41. RSVP +1 for me please! Insanely good-lookin lineup, looking forward to it.

  42. RSVP + 1!

  43. […] Aquarium Drunkard, TBA March 15th at Hype Hotel on Trinity Street. Alabama Shakes, Youth Lagoon.… […]

  44. RSVP +2

  45. RSVP +2

  46. RSVP x 4

  47. +1 pls. Thank you.

  48. +1

  49. RSVP + 1. Thanks.

  50. […] you’re in Austin next week, Fields (along with his band the Expressions) will be gigging at the Aquarium Drunkard party on Thursday afternoon. Details/RSVP […]

  51. RSVP + 1. thanks

  52. RSVP +1. Thnak you!

  53. RSVP +1, thank you!

  54. Plus 1

  55. […] even alt/classic country you probably like the Aquarium Drunkard music blog.  Aquarium Drunkard is throwing a showcase at one of the most anticipated “venues” this year, the “Hype Hotel” be sure […]

  56. RSVP!

  57. RSVP + 1

  58. […] area bands during day parties. Curious to catch up on the wildly diverse L.A. scene? Check out the Aquarium Drunkard day party, the huge Burger Records punk rock jam (don’t miss Audacity or the Cosmonauts!) or […]

  59. oh hell yes!

  60. lee fields!

  61. Lee Fields – cool.

  62. server is loaded but I am coming with a +1. thanks!

  63. […] you hit up our party in Austin last Thursday you likely noted the man spinning records between sets: Ryan Wilson, aka DJ […]

  64. So, I RSVP’d on the Hype Hotel website for wednesday day. But the lineup posted here is different. I am an avid follower of AQD and this is my ideal lineup. How do I rsvp for this gem of a lineup? thank you thank you
    Kate, Portland

  65. +2

  66. RSVP for 2!!

  67. […] MORE INFO […]

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