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For years, one of my rituals when hitting up record stores was a quick visit to the Lee Hazlewood section — alternately located, depending on the shop, in ‘country’, ‘rock’, or the most perplexing, ‘oldies’. You could occasionally find old, beaten down, used vinyl or foreign-pressed (often shoddily produced) import CDs. Other than that locating Hazlewood’s music was often left to best-of compilations — and typically just the Nancy Sinatra collaborations at that. Even finding Hazlewoood’s music via (legal) digital outlets has proved difficult. But there is good news…

Last year Light In The Attic Records launched a massive reissue campaign kicking off with The LHI years: Singles, Nudes & backsides (1968-71), a 17 track set spanning what the label describes as ‘the best of Lee’s solo songs and duets from his LHI (Lee Hazlewood Industries) imprint.’  Indeed.  The LITA Hazlewood excavation continues with A House Safe For Tigers, (previously unavailable outside of a rare 1975 Swedish pressing) and the just released Trouble Is A Lonesome Town, originally released in 1963.

I have some vinyl copies of the LITA reissues to give away to some of the AD faithful. To land a copy, leave your name, a working email in the address field, and your favorite Hazlewood LP. Winners notified via email by Sunday. Have at it…

150 Responses to “Lee Hazlewood :: Trouble Is A Lonesome Town”

  1. Requiem for an Almost Lady!

  2. Love and Other Crimes!

  3. my favorite LH album: “Requiem for an Almost Lady” !!

    best regards,

  4. I’m a big fan of Love and Other Crimes, which — if I recall correctly — I found thanks to your amazing blog.

    It is one of the few albums I can put on that my mother and I can both enjoy.

  5. My favorite Hazlewood LP is actually this one, Trouble Is A Lonesome Town. Love the spoken word bits.

    Torr Leonard.

  6. Cowboy in Sweden

  7. Cowboy In Sweeden

  8. Gotta go with Love and Other Crimes..

  9. would love some Lee vinyl! my favorite Lee album is ove And Other Crimes.

  10. Trouble is a lonesome town

  11. Love and other crimes

  12. sick!

  13. No Train to Stockholm. I’m a sucker for any railway song.

  14. Favorite album “Back on the Street” (mostly just for Your Thunder and Your Lightning)

  15. Tie between Requiem and Love and other Crimes!

  16. …Cowboy in Sweden, all killer no filler.

  17. I love LITA. Those guys and girls are doing a killer job. Great ear.

  18. Requiem For an Almost Lady

  19. Love & Other Crimes.

    ‘Pour Man’ is a classic for sure. THAT VOICE!!

  20. cowboy in sweden

  21. Cowboy in Sweden

  22. Love and Other Crimes! I also discovered that album through AD.

  23. “Requiem For an Almost Lady” just for the bass line alone in “I’ll Live Yesterdays”.

  24. gotta agree with Love and Other Crimes. great vibe.

  25. Requiem for An Almost Lady, by far. “I’ll Live Yesterdays” has got to be one of the peppiest yet heartbreaking songs about a dead relationship ever recorded. That bass line alone… man.

  26. 2x for _Requiem_. So, so good.

  27. I’m with Leonard. Trouble is a Lonesome Town is poetry.

  28. Trouble Is A Lonesome Town is also my favorite!

    A solid spring/summer time album.

  29. NANCY & LEE got me first, but REQUIEM FOR AN ALMOST LADY and COWBOY IN SWEDEN are full of that Sad Boot Songage that I dig so well.

  30. Big fan of the first Nancy and Lee album…

  31. The Very Special World of Lee Hazlewood. “My Autumn’s Done Come” really does it for me.

  32. Nancy and Lee is my favorite album but I really love the single “Run Boy Run.”

  33. Requiem for an Almost Lady all the way.

  34. “Love and other Crimes”

  35. The Very Special World of Lee Hazlewood!

  36. I’ve a soft spot for “Poet, Fool, or Bum”, despite its reputation.

  37. Although I love his duets with Sinatra, A House for Safe Tigers is fairly kick-ass. Thanks AD!

  38. I could agree with all the above, but how about Lee Hazlewood-ism: Its Cause and Cure, because “After Six” has just the right pulse. Can’t wait to hear these bonus tracks.

  39. Cowboy In Sweden

  40. Never had a choice, Requiem for an Almost Lady.

  41. Cowboy in Sweden

  42. every time i hear his cheesed up version of “the ballad of lucy jordan” on 20th century lee, i daydream of artistic collaboration that will never arrive…

  43. Definitely “13” from 1972.
    “Toocie and the River” and “Rosacoke Street” are two booze-sodden beauties! I’m also pretty partial to Hazelwood’s production/composition work for Duane Eddy’s 1958 debut “Have ‘Twangy’ Guitar Will Travel.” You must give “Stalkin'” a listen: http://amouthfulofpennies.wordpress.com/2012/02/01/soundtrack-to-the-city-of-hudson-ny/

  44. Love and Other Crimes for me.

  45. Cowboy in Sweden!

  46. trouble IS a lonesome town!

  47. NANCY AND LEE 4eva

  48. Cowboy in Sweden is my favourite album by Lee. Songs like Cold Hard Times and Suzi Jane singing For A Day Like Today = sweetness and delight.

  49. “Requiem For An Almost Lady” is far and away my favorite!!!

  50. Love and Other Crimes

  51. Been listening a lot to 1972’s underrated 13. You can’t deny the opener ‘You Look Like a Lady’. Definitely a favourite.

  52. Trouble Is A Lonesome Tosn.

  53. I am just a pour man with a heart full of love. Love And Other Crimes all day. At least on days when I don’t have “I’d Rather Be Your Enemy” on loop.

  54. Nancy and Lee (does that even count?)

  55. Fond of Summer Wine.

  56. Cowboy in Sweden, or Love and Other Crimes. Depends on what day of the week.

  57. I second the nomination for 1972’s relatively rare “13.” What lyrics! “One week in San Francisco, existing on Nabisco / Cookies and bad dreams / Sad scenes and dodging paranoia.” We’ve all been there, brother. Frankly, almost everything through “A House Safe for Tigers” is worthwhile.

  58. Trouble is a lonesome town. Found a copy on cd after I heard “trouble is a lonesome town” on a cd compilation from mojo magazine compiled by The Clash based on some of their influences. I read there will be some extras on this reissue so it would be nice to hear them and get to read the liner notes.

  59. Cowboy in Sweden or/and Requiem for an Almost Lady. Not sure

  60. It has to be The Very Special World of Lee Hazlewood from 1966. ‘My Autumn..’ ‘For One Moment’ and ‘I Move Around’ all on one album.

  61. Requiem For An Almost Lady

  62. I sure do love The Very Special World of Lee Hazlewood!

  63. Love and Other Crimes!

  64. We love The Very Special World of Lee Hazlewood! Dave Sitek has been performing an arrangement of My Autumns Done Come in his new band. Sounds amazing!

  65. Trouble is a lonesome town is my favourite, BUT there is something special about the 98% American Mom & Apple Pie 1929 Crash Band album. Hearing his sounds performed that way is just so cool.

    Still, “Look at that woman. Seems so fine. Lord I wish that woman was anybody else but mine.”

  66. Cowboy in Sweden!!

  67. A House Safe for Tigers!

  68. A House Safe For TIgers

  69. Poet, Fool or Bum

  70. Tough…
    But Love And Other Crimes eeks out a win.

  71. Trouble Is A Lonesome Town

  72. cowboy in sweden!

  73. The poet as fool & bum! Back on the Street Again (1977) for “You made me happier than Dolly Parton’s guitar” ★

  74. The Cowboy & The Lady – after all, it’s a nice world to visit but not to live in…

  75. Trouble is a lonesome town

  76. The Lady and the Cowboy

  77. Forty!

  78. Requiem For an Almost Lady

  79. Love and Other Crimes ftw

  80. Have only recently been getting into Lee Hazlewood. So far I have really been loving Love and Other Crimes.

  81. Don’t forget Friday’s Child!

  82. I have the best of Lee & Nancy, which I was introduced to via Slowdive’s cover of Some Velvet Morning. Been itching to explore some solo Lee; know the title track of this one and always dug it!

  83. 13

  84. Poet, Bum or Fool, it has to be

  85. “Cowboy in Sweden” because “freedom is where you think it is but there ain’t no train to Stockholm”

  86. Love and Other Crimes is perfecto

  87. Love And Other Crimes

  88. Love and other crimes. Thanks!

  89. Cowboy in Sweeden! Great cover too. Rolling the dice, hoping I win!

  90. It’s going to have to be Cowboy In Sweden for me as well…way too many good cuts on that one, though Requiem runs a pretty close second.

  91. Lee Hazlewoodism. It’s also the source of one of my favorite YouTube videos – “Hi, pretty lady. Look a the dog”:


  92. I”m not gonna front and pretend like I know any of his albums intimately enough to have a favorite per se. But I do love Nancy and Lee, as well as the two previous LITA reissues.

    My favorite Lee song that I’ve heard though is Rainbow Woman.

  93. It was The Very Special World of Lee Hazelwood until the reissue of Singles, Nudes & Backsides!!

  94. “Love and Other Crimes” The title says it all.

  95. Cowboy in Sweden!

  96. Hard to pick a favorite. Lately Love and Other Crimes.

  97. Cowboy in Sweden! Glorious.

  98. Great post as always! Poet fool or Bum is my favorite LP. I have my fingers crossed…..

  99. Trouble/Sweden tie for 1st!

  100. Cowboy in Sweden is great.

  101. Cowboy in Sweden

  102. It’s a close call, but The Very Special World of Lee Hazlewood ranks number one for me!

  103. Ohhhh ‘The Cowboy and the Lady’; Dark End of the Street particularly…

  104. “Cowboy in Sweden”- a masterpiece

  105. “Love And Other Crimes”

  106. cowboy in sweden for sure

  107. Trouble is a lonesome town!

  108. Lately, because I just scored a pretty sweet copy of “Nancy and Lee” it’s been my fave jam. Such awkward love songs. they both often sound so lonely even though they are singing to one another..

  109. Mucha s I love this album, Nancy and Lee wins.

  110. ‘Trouble is a Lonesome Town’ – great concept. I’m still eager to pick up ‘A House Safe for Tigers’ soon. Thanks for the giveaway!

  111. Cowboy In Sweden! Great album.

  112. My favorite is probably 13.

  113. I’ve always had a soft spot for NANCY & LEE. Still have my dad’s original vinyl copy – he had amazing taste in music and shared his love of vinyl with me. Thanks pop!

  114. Lee Hazlewood-ism: Its Cause and Cure!

  115. The Very Special World of Lee Hazlewood

  116. I’ve always really liked “Poet, Fool, or Bum” but I recently found a copy of “20th Century Lee” and I’ve been really surprised with how much I’ve been playing it.

  117. the very special world of….

  118. A House Safe for Tigers

  119. The N.S.V.I.P.’s (Not So Very Important People) !!!

  120. Gotta be Nancy & Lee. Now if I could only find a clean copy!

  121. Requiem for an almost Lady.

  122. I see a lot of people on here saying Love and Other Crimes, Damn it you took my answer! But you are all correct, That’s the best.

  123. Trouble Is a lonesome Town.

    Because it is!

  124. Requiem for an Almost Lady

  125. The Very Special World Of Lee Hazlewood

  126. I love Lee so I love “Love And Other Crimes”!!!!!

    Thanks a lot!!!

  127. Love and Other Crimes…

    Pour Man is a fantastic track isn’t it?

  128. Trouble is a Lonesome Town

    they’re gonna git you boy!

  129. Nancy & Lee probably, or cowboy in Sweden. That LHI years comp is pretty strong too…

  130. i love cowboy in sweden,

    and also love and other crimes. loooook at that womannn

  131. I’m not that deep into Lee’s discography(yet), but so far i gotta go with Love and Other Crimes.

  132. For me, Cowboy In Sweden every time (though with a hat tip to Nancy and Lee as that was the record I found in the charity shop that got me into Lee Hazlewood). Cheers J

  133. Cowboy in Sweden. I’m feeling lucky. Thanks!

  134. love and other crimes! i win!

  135. Love and Other Crimes

  136. Cake or Death.

  137. love and other crimes. go dawgs.

  138. Nancy & Lee


  139. Love And Other Crimes

  140. I’d like me some free Lee.

  141. Favorite is probably Trouble Is A Lonesome Town for its consistency, but Cowboy In Sweden (with The Night Before and Forget Marie) and Nancy and Lee (Some Velvet Morning and Sand) are pretty close.


  142. Trouble is a lonesome town, we all make the flowers grow is just the tops

  143. Cowboy in Sweden

  144. Love and other Crimes

  145. Absolutely have to go with Requiem For An Almost Lady

  146. Trouble is a Lonesome Town, duh

  147. Cowboy in Sweden. My 3 year old digs Trouble is a Lonesome Town.

  148. My favourite Lee Hazlewood album is Trouble is a lonesome town.
    It’s also my favourite concept album!

  149. Lee Hazlewood – Trouble is a Lonesome town.

  150. Trouble is a lonesome town is my favourite!

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