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Once again, just in time for your holiday fade out – Bomboclat! Island Soak 4 :: Jamaican Vintage. 21 selections. Predominantly rocksteady…tipping the scales with a heavy dose of instrumentals. Find volumes 1-3, here.

Download: Bomboclat! Island Soak 4 :: Jamaican Vintage (zipped folder)

Rock Steady Party  -  Glenn Miller
Return of the Ugly  -  Count Sticky & The Upsetters
It Takes Two To Make Love  - The Termites
Slippery  -  The Crystalites
Tonight  -  Keith & Tex
Mr. Full Stop – The Original Africans
Hot & Cold  - Jackie Mittoo & The Soul Brothers
I Love the Reggae  - The Gaylads
Ironside  - Sound Dimension
Reggae 69  - Laurel Aitken
Stay Loose Mama  -  The Ethiopians
Skinheads a Bash Them  -  Claudette & The Corporation
Pepper Pot  -  Count Machuki
Cool Cool Rocksteady  -  Glen Adams
Hot Call  -  Organ D
Slow Run  -  Byron Lee & The Dragonaires
The Joker  -  Lyn Taitt and The Jets
Bongo Jerk  -  Laurel Aitken
Silent River Runs Deep  -  The Gaylettes
Double Action  -  Beverley’s All-Stars
Soul Time  -  Ken Lazarus & Byron Lee and The Dragonaires

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  2. You are a hero.

  3. ire!

  4. I and I mon been waiting a long time for this ;)
    Great summer jams, as always!

  5. aw yiss

  6. Awesome! Thanks for the curations

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