lost colonyAccept no substitutes! William Tyler’s Lost Colony EP is the only piece of music you need in your car this summer. Or any season, really. The wide-open, panoramic sonic vistas on the three tracks here seem tailor made for epic, exploratory road trips. And Tyler’s been doing plenty of road-tripping in the past year, touring nonstop in support of last year’s masterful Impossible Truth. The Nashville guitarist was playing solo shows during that time, but Lost Colony is a full-band effort, bringing drummer Jamin Orrall, pedal steel player Luke Schneider and bassist Reece Lazarus into the mix. The results are positively wonderful. Tyler, of course, is no stranger to the rock band setting, having paid dues in Lambchop and the Silver Jews. But the sound here is all his own, finding fertile common ground between classic country rock and classic krautrock. The connection is made explicit in the glorious cover of Neu! mastermind Michael Rother’s “Karrusell,” which captures the pristine motorik groove of the original, but also choogles like a motherfucker. The centerpiece, however, is “Whole New Dude,” a sun-kissed 13-minute ride that easily places Tyler in the upper echelon of the recent crop of guitar anti-heroes. Put the key in the ignition, roll down the window, crank up the stereo and hit that highway. words / t wilcox

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  1. […] William Tyler :: Whole New Dude / Lost Colony EP […]

  2. Beyond the highway, I can chill winston to this dude’s pickin’ anytime…

  3. Great EP in every way, but you know that there was a predecessor to this release?
    It’s this 7″ released in 2012 on Nashville’s Dead. I got it on his tour and it’s really nice, especially that he is singing a country tune that’s turning into some noise fuzz fest.

    Get the 7″ here http://nashvillesdead.com/products-page/7-single/william-tyler/
    and on track in full here: http://dyingforbadmusic.tumblr.com/post/82252732248/pretty-nice-7-from-2012-by-william-tyler-with

  4. […] three tracks deep there’s a surprisingly bold message that breathes through the release. “Tailor made for epic, exploratory road trips,” the EP is led by a pair of the guitarist’s catalog songs — now revisited with the […]

  5. My favorite guitar player alongside Jerry Garcia and Doug Martsch. Listening to his music takes me places. I’d love to hear him take another lap with Lambchop sometime as well given the textures he adds to their music, but I’m a happy man as long as he keeps producing his own incredible music.

  6. […] collaborator Scott Hirsch, the Cook brothers of Megafaun, guitar work courtesy of AD favorite William Tyler, Alexandra Sauser-Monnig of Mountain Man, and others. It’s out September 9th and available for […]

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