range and basin

Range and Basin: another set of songs from the Grand Canyon State, or spiritually rooted there, a follow up to our Old Gold: Sonoran Country, Garage Blues, Pop, Soul and Avant-Garde from Arizona 1951-1971 mix from last year. Sunbaked soul, psych, country, garage, and folk, some culled from the archives of historian John “Johnny D” Dixon.

Range And Basin: Sonoran Roots, R&B, and Hard Rock 1966-1978 (49 min.)

tracklisting after the jump….

Josefus – Crazy Man (1970)
Roy and the Dew Drops – The One Who’s Hurting (Is You) (1967)
Mike Fiems – Desert Sands (1974)
Goose Creek Symphony – Confusion (1970)
Link Wray -Tucson, Arizona (1972)
Danny and the Velaires – Shaggy Dog (1967)
Warren S. Richardson Jr. – Shady Lady (1969)
Frank & Woody Show – Big Trouble (1978)
Hamana – I Remember Your Smile (1974)
Hans Olson – Western Winds (1973)
Mile Ends – Farris Wheel (1967)
Sanford Clark – It’s Nothing To Me (1966)
Motion – Pardon My Reflection (1963)
Lon Rogers and the Soul Blenders – Too Good to Be True (1968)

words / j woodbury art / d norsen

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14 Responses to “Range And Basin: Sonoran Roots, R&B, And Hard Rock 1966-1978”

  1. god bless ye, jason

  2. Thanks for this mix. . . . any chance it can be made available as something other than one long mp3? thanks again

  3. This is great Jason. I love looking at dates and seeing a lot of 6s and 7s.

  4. too cool

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  6. thank you thank you

  7. Summerjam

  8. Drove across Arizona listening to Old Gold last summer.
    I think I will have to do the same thing this summer with Range and Basin.
    Thank you.

  9. This is why this is the best blog on the planet.

  10. Fantastic–loved Old Gold & thrilled to have more. Thank you so much.

    Now if you could just incorporate Al Perry and the Cattle, Broken Horse, Doo Rag, and of course Giant Sand.

  12. Damn proud of my state, especially those Sanford, Link & Lon tracks! Thanks for this.

  13. Raw cream, never pasteurized…..thank you!

  14. […] vocals. The tricky turnaround on the key midway seals the deal. We included this song in our Range & Basin: Sonoran Roots, R&B, And Hard Rock 1966-1978 mixtape, so be sure to get that if you haven’t yet. words / j […]

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