Chuck Berry On The Rocks: Volume II. A choice selection of primitive sixties garage rock. Our second collaboration with Gothenburg, Sweden DJ/record collector Peer Schouten. Find and download volume one, HERE.

Download/tracklisting after the jump…

Chuck Berry On The Rocks: Vol. II – A Mixtape (zipped folder)

The Trip – Kim Fowley
Let’s Move – The Night Crawlers
She’s No Good – The Cyclones
Isle Of Love – The Pharaohs
I Can Only Give You Everything – Tomorrow’s Children
I’m leaving you – The Luv’d Ones
Suzy Creamcheese – Teddy & His Patches
Do What You Want – Ugly Ducklings
Follow Her Home – Unknown
Pretty Big Mouth – Count Five
I’m Your Man – Denims
I Want You – The Thorns
Orphan Boy – Half-Pint & The Fifths
Black Cat – The Tiki Men
Good Times – Jay-Bees
Tornado – The Jiants
Makin’ Love – The Sloths
La Da Do Da Da – The Loved Ones
All Of The Time – Sir Winston & The Commons
It Ain’t Nothin’ – Teddy & His Patches
Worse Record Ever Made – Althea & The Memories

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  1. […] Source: Chuck Berry On The Rocks: Vol. II – A Mixtape […]

  2. you never let me down AD:]

  3. Just wanted to peep that this picture is of Chuck Berry performing at the University of Virginia in 1965…

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