Diarrhea Planet, Pickathon 2014

Welcome to the sixth installment of an ongoing series with Pickathon, showcasing footage from the Galaxy Barn located at Pendarvis Farm in Oregon: Diarrhea Planet – “Kids”.

fats domino

“Lady Madonna’ was me sitting down at the piano trying to write a bluesy boogie-woogie thing … It reminded me of Fats Domino for some reason, so I started singing a Fats Domino impression. It took my other voice to a very odd place.” – Paul McCartney

So consider this — Fats’ version of “Lady Madonna” — a tribute to the tribute. One of three Beatles covers appearing on Fats’ Richard Perry-produced 1968 lp, Fats Is Back.

Fats Domino :: Lady Madonna
Fats Domino :: Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey


Los Freddy’s :: Sufrirás Sin Mi (It’s Only Love)


Our weekly two hour show on SIRIUS/XMU, channel 35, can be heard twice every Friday – Noon EST with an encore broadcast at Midnight EST.

SIRIUS 387: Jean Michel Bernard – Générique Stephane ++ Oliver – Off On A Trek ++ Linda Perhacs – Paper Mountain Man ++ David Wiffen – Never Make A Dollar That Way ++ David Crosby – I’d Swear There Was Somebody There ++ Neil Young – The Old Laughing Lady ++ Ellen McIlwaine – Can’t Find My Way Home ++ John Martyn – Solid Air ++ Sandy Denny – Late November ++ Donovan – Summer Day Reflection Song ++ Manassas – So Begins The Task ++ Gene Clark – Tears Of Rage ++ Tim Hardin – If I Were A Carpenter ++ Bill Fay – Omega Day ++ Richard and Linda Thompson – I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight ++ Ian Matthews – Seven Bridges Road ++ Bob Martin – Captain Jesus ++ Daniel Moore – May 16, 1975 ++ John Martyn – Cocaine ++ Jimmie Spheeris – Come Back ++ Vetiver – Sleep A Million Years ++ Jerry Jeff Walker – About Her Eyes ++ The Flying Burrito Brothers – Hot Burrito No. 1 ++ Françoise Hardy – Till the Morning Comes ++ Neil Young – Pardon My Heart ++ Miss Johni Taylor – Red Wine For My Blues ++ Van Morrison – T.B. Sheets ++ Bob Dylan – Mary Ann ++ Monkey’s Tail – Jim Woehrle & Michael Yonkers ++ Heron – I Wouldn’t Mind ++ Michael Hurley – I Paint A Design ++ Brute – Westport Ferry ++ Jack Logan – Shrunken Head ++ Steve Gunn & The Black Twig Pickers – Trailways Ramble

*You can listen, for free, online with the SIRIUS three day trial — just submit an email address and they will send you a password.

JohnCale_1970_VintageViolenceLPBackFollowing his departure from The Velvet Underground, John Cale re-emerged with this sleeper of a solo debut, Vintage Violence. The centerpiece of the record is the lush and elysian dream-pop number “Big White Cloud.” As though truly recorded in heaven, Cale is surrounded by sweeping strings and cosmo-country piano, as he dramatically transcends the self, fusing with the sea, the earth and the skies. Floating amongst the sonic air, he sings, “Oh, I love it, yes I love it, oh I love it so…”

John Cale :: Big White Cloud

Bonus: Anthony LaMarca laid down a pretty catholic, but striking, rendition of “Big White Cloud” on his Songs I Wish I Wrote collection. Stripped down to tweaking electric guitar, thumping drums, and LaMarca’s echoed vocals, his version almost suggests how VU might have treated the tune. words / c depasquale

Anthony LaMarca :: Big White Cloud

Depending on who you believe, At the Drive-In were on the verge of becoming the next — and maybe last — band of the ‘alternative’ era to earn household-name status when they broke up in March 2001. Their performances were always volatile, even hostile; that volatility could sometimes turn inward, as Omar Rodriguez-Lopez’s early exit during a 2000 Conan appearance testifies.

Here, singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala taunts the Big Day Out crowd for not knowing The Fall (“You’re listening to too much hip-hop and heavy metal!”), then mocks them for crowd-surfing and tells them to take care of each other. His concerns were apparently warranted: Several hours later, teenager Jessica Michalik would be crushed and killed in a mosh pit during Limp Bizkit’s set. Years later, Limp Bizkit would tour Australia with a giant banner bearing her name.

ATDI left the stage early in — well, “protest” is  too meek a word to describe their exit, just as “intense” is too meek a word to describe the three songs that precede it. Two months later, they would begin their indefinite hiatus. words / m garner


(Volume 26 of Clifton’s Corner. Clifton Weaver, aka DJ Soft Touch, shares some of his favorite spins, old and new, in the worlds of soul, r&b, funk, psych and beyond.)

For the last couple of months, I’ve been really delving into the roots of our popular music. Chicago blues, early R&B, Caribbean sounds, and country are the staples of my listening these days and this is reflected in my selections.

Kicking off this installment are two storming R&B tracks. One is by Albert King and the other is by Little Johnny Taylor. Although, known for his stinging guitar playing, Albert King’s “C.O.D.” is a swinging, Hammond organ-led dancer. Little Johnny Taylor’s “Somewhere Down The Line” is a bit more traditional, featuring guitar and harmonica. ” followed by Little Milton’s “Can’t Hold Back The Tears”.

Albert King :: C.O.D.
Little Johnny Taylor :: Somewhere Down The Line
Little Milton :: Can’t Hold Back The Tears

Next up is fairly new interest of mine: Calypso. I’ve been getting into artists such as Lord Kitchener and The Mighty Sparrow, who’s “Man Before Morning” I’ve decided to feature here. Prince Buster’s double entendre “Sheep On Top” keeps us in the Caribbean and the Artwoods (Ron Wood’s older brother’s band) betray a Caribbean influence in the cover of Chuck Berry’s “Talkin’ About You” Buddy Guy’s “The Slop Around” is a great piece of Chicago blues/R&B and is perfect for a dance floor.

Mighty Sparrow :: Man Before Morning
Prince Buster :: Sheep On Top
The Artwoods :: Talkin’ About You
Buddy Guy :: The Slop Around

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 9.21.05 AMIn honor of The Rain Parade appearing in Los Angeles last week, here’s where it all began; 33 years ago at 45 RPM.

In the early 1980’s the Los Angeles music scene was a place of diametric opposites. The punk scene had become its own form of conformity, while the last gasp of the bloated, cocaine-driven superstars (which were still massive commercially) began to suffer a comedown culminating in a crash ‘n’ burn thanks in part to the visual media of MTV.

The Rain Parade were formed in 1981 by a pair of roommates — one California native (Steven Roback) and a transplant from Minneapolis (Matt Piucci). The pair were devouring music of the ’60s, and found their creative calling within the sound of The Byrds, The Doors and Love; bands that are the spiritual and geographical older brothers of The Rain Parade. Drawing inspiration from the aforementioned, adding the lilting drone of The Velvet Underground, the Rain Parade created something that was entirely out of step with the rest of the L.A scene. The band was rounded out by Steven’s brother David, Will Glenn, and Michael Murphy and within their first year together self released the incredible single, below.

The Rain Parade :: What She’s Done to Your Mind

In a recent interview with The Austin Chronicle, Matt Piucci said of the times, “When we started playing in Los Angeles, if you weren’t sweating like a pig in a ripped T-shirt and screaming at the top of your lungs, then you weren’t cool. It wasn’t valid. And we thought that was bullshit. We thought it was very punk of us to play waltz tempos slowly with acoustic guitars at punk clubs. We thought that was punk because nobody else was doing it.”


Wednesday, June 3rd, Aquarium Drunkard presents an intimate evening with Ryley Walker in Long Beach. Location to be announced.

Limited capacity. Tickets available for purchase, here. We have a few pair to giveaway to AD readers. To enter, leave you name and a valid email address we can reach you at in the comment field. Not one to be missed.

Ryley Walker :: Sweet Satisfaction